Friday, June 28, 2013

Troy Vs Ramayana (ට්‍රෝයි සහ රාමා)

I prefer Troy film to any other film. It shows the ancient society in a realistic manner. The director has been clever to create the background after a good study. As an example, musical instruments can be identified. All of them give the expression that they belong to that particular era. Actually, I viewed the film twice.

I saw how they have rebuilt the ruined city. And also they have created ancient dresses & costumes in almost the same way. If you viewed this film you will notice that they have attractively used old weapons & all. It teaches a lesson on how the weapons were used. The way they use weapons is different from other films which tell the historical stories. It should compulsorily be said that color balancing has been able to emerge the age. The edition of the film is also remarkable. But I don't want to express that every item in this film has been recreated as it was. Among the sceneries in the film I can notice some items which represent present. As an example, the language they used is English. But it should be Greek. But you would find it very difficult to understand if it was Greek.

This story is written as per the illiod Poem. It was written by the poet 'Homer'. It is identified as a premium poem in Greek Literature. But there's a difference between the story of the  illiod Poem & the film. 

In the original story it includes getting support from the gods. But in the film you cannot find that kind of story. There are plenty of stories in the world about Trojan horse. In countries like Sri Lanka, India, you can find some stories similar to that. But here they use a tusker instead of a horse. This had been a wonderful war strategy.  
The main incident in the film is about kidnapping princes. A similar story to this can be found in Ramayana. Ramayana is created in B.C era by Valmiki. It is also considered as story of gods. Troy poem as well as Ramayana, is full of strange & extraordinary sceneries. 

You can find many ruins in Turkey which evidence to that there is an acute relationship to Troy story. But, as per the latest view of the archaeologists, Turkey is not the places which tell the Troy story. The Troy city which is in Turkey is also has a history of 1000 years before the common era. There are many evidences to prove that the Troy city was consistent of plenty of fortresses. 

With this name of Trojan horse there are lots of usages in modern society. A Computer  virus was named as Trojan horse.

In 1868, after the excavations, bulks of gold were found by archaeologist Frank Calvert who exposed ruins of Troy to the world.

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  1. Very brave attempt Amila... Really nice...

    By the way, there should be some points and facts about Ramayanaya drama or film or cartoon. Because you discussed Troy film but nothing about Ramayanaya, except Rama, Sitha, Kidnap and Valmiki. Therefore the post is very unbalanced. So in the next time, please keep your mind on those kind of things...